About Us


Artificial landscaping grass is a surface treatment made of synthetic fibers that mimic actual, natural grass. Artificial grass is most commonly utilized in sports facilities that require grass for play. However, synthetic grass is increasingly being used to replace home lawns and commercial grasses. The explanation is simple: grass is hardy and requires no watering or upkeep.

Our grasses offer a natural appearance and feel since they are all designed and manufactured to look and feel like genuine grass. Despite their outstanding performance and beauty, our grasses require very little maintenance and will not harm the surrounding ecosystem. We provide various artificial grass solutions, including materials that may be customized to individual needs – both indoor and outdoor.

Almost all are artificial Grasses but they are looking like natural, You are most welcome to visit our store.

We like to do the work to create as your desire. We use Natural & artificial elements like artificial Grass, Flowers, Stone etc.

Our Mission

We are the leading artificial grass company here in Bahrain. Our promise is to provide you the best solution for Eco-friendly artificial grass and services related to it. Also we committed to server the best products & services. We like to expand our business & services depending of our honorable clients.

All the best